Is The Odd Luminary real?

As real as you are. Perhaps more so.

How did Bubo get her name?

Bubo is a Great Horned Owl. The Latin name is Bubo Virginianus, hence her name.

Can I come visit your home in Brooklyn?

Absolutely not. Are you in the habit of welcoming uninvited strangers to your house? 

Why are items sometimes sold out on the site?

The items on this site are hand-made and often one-of-a-kind. There is no factory in the basement churning out cases of these things; an artist makes a piece for sale. Once that item sells, it’s sold.

Do you ship internationally?

In fact I do. If you are an international customer, you will be prompted to choose your country from the pull-down menu in the shopping cart. Once you place your order, I will calculate your shipping cost and email you for confirmation. Once you confirm, I will then charge your credit card and ship your item. I will never charge your credit card without you accepting the shipping charge.

*It is VITAL that you provide YOUR email address when shipping internationally. Without your email, I can not confirm shipping costs with you and your order will not be processed.

How soon can I expect my order to get to me?

You will notice that many of the items here are hand-made, made-to-order and from around the world. Therefore, they are not available for overnight delivery. Marvelous art takes time, so please do not expect your item[s] to arrive to you sooner than two weeks from your order date. If you are purchasing curios as a gift, please let me know and I will send you a gift card as a place holder. Even with my inventions, I can not speed up time, so please be patient. I do not believe you will be disappointed - you are purchasing a truly unique item.

You often use terms on this site that I’m not familiar with. Can you explain a few of them?

But of course. I love your curiosity. Below are the most commonly asked about terms. If you need more explanation, please contact me. While odd, I do tend to respond to correspondence rather quickly.

1. Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is not actually a true clay, it’s a pliable and blendable polymer compound made of fine particles of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspended in plasticizer. It’s called a clay because it feels and works like clay, but because of its makeup, it can be fired (fused into a solid) at a much lower temperature than true clay. Artisans love to use polymer clay because of this low firing temperature and because it is so versatile. Polymer clay is non-toxic, but it is suggested that you not put it (both before and after its fired) in your mouth. But you wouldn’t put non-food items in your mouth anyway, would you? For safety’s sake, keep polymer clay items out of the reach of children and pets; they tend to put everything in their mouths. It’s just easier that way.

2. Crystal-Clear Solid Rubber

This is a clear encapsulation rubber that looks just like water when it is cured – but won’t evaporate! It cures into a solid form and is completely safe, but, again, don’t go putting it in your mouth. Sure it looks like the freshest cleanest water around, but it’s not. Since children and pets can’t read, keep them away from it. They have no self-control when it comes to putting art into their mouths.

3. Resin

The resin used on this site, is, in layman’s terms, plastic. While resin is a viscous substance of plant origin (think of the bees encapsulated in amber resin you so often see on nature programs), resin is also a synthesized polymer that is much like a plastic. Strong and durable – even in small sections – resin is a versatile medium for artisans. Like everything on this site, it’s non-toxic and safe, but use common sense and keep it out of your mouth. Keep it out of your children and pets mouths, as well. Just for safety’s sake.

4. Cold Casting

Cold Casting describes the process of mixing a metal powder with a resin, which gives the appearance and weight of solid metal. This process is faster and less expensive than foundry casting, which is when you melt down metal. (It’s also a sight less dangerous in one’s home. Poor Bubo is scared of foundries. Can’t say I blame her.) Again, as with everything, don’t shove cold cast objects into your mouth. Don’t let your children or pets do it. Cold Cast items are safe and non-toxic, but use common sense. If it’s not supposed to go in your mouth, don’t put it there.

Can I give items on this site to children and/or pets?

Unless specifically stated that something is for children and/or pets, do NOT give items on this site to children and/or pets. Many of the creatures and creations on this site have small glass eyes, buttons or other choking hazards on them. Again, unless specifically stated, these items are not intended for children and/or pets. Use your common sense, won’t you?


** Please note that The Odd Luminary is not liable and cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred from improper use of the products sold here. In addition, unless clearly stated, nothing on this website is intended for children or for pets.


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